Providing Educational substance abuse prevention training

​​Diana Wilson is the founder of GYP. She is a public speaker, sober companion, surfer, and snowboarder.learn more

We provide a holistic, on-campus science based drug and alcohol prevention programs at schools.  Our high energy unique approach helps students to learn how to create interruptions to their self-doubting and limiting beliefs that hold them back from realizing their dreams. We combine research with experiential educational exercises that have lasting impact. We empower students and provide tools to intervene when they have a concern about a friends drug and alcohol use. In addition, we seek ways to involve the entire community, provide one-to-one counseling, in classroom workshops and encourage ongoing follow-up education.

Together we can create healthy, powerful, responsible adults.

Create a safe place to have open conversations on the realities of bullying, eating disorders, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. .

Welcome to Global Youth Prevention! GYP