Providing Educational substance abuse prevention training

DIANA WILSON was a prevention specialist with FCD, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for over fourteen years, Diana traveled around the globe informing and empowering young people, school communities, and families. about prevention initiatives were based on a social norms approach aimed at keeping healthy kids healthy and predicated on quantitative research about teen attitudes and behaviors. Diana felt that needed to be a more effective way to reach youth today- as new and more subtle additions were dramatically affecting young people- that are not being addressed in more traditional Drug and Alcohol Education. Therefore, Diana left FCD and created GYP- Global Youth Prevention. GYP was created & born because in addition to Drugs and Alcohol Prevention Education Diana became aware that students also need education & support with:

  • Cyber Addiction
  • Negative Limiting Beliefs
  • ​Self Esteem Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Health and Wellness
  • Eating Disorders
  • Bullying 
  • Cutting-Self Harm
  • ​Conflict Management


Gary currently runs The BLACKBIRD Group, a small public relations firm in Marina del Rey, California. He’s also very active in service work:

Past President of the Board of Directors of Positive Directions, the Center for Prevention and Recovery, in Westport, CT
Member, Board of Directors, The Stepping Stones Foundation, the last home of Bill and Lois Wilson, founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon, respectively.
Member, Board of Directors, Faces and Voices in Recovery, Washington DC based national advocacy organization
He also served as a mentor for over twelve years, currently with LA Teamworks, an after-school mentoring program in Los Angeles, CA 

​​GARY STROMBERG co-founded GIBSON & STROMBERG, a large and influential music public relations firm of the sixties and seventies. Gary company represented such luminaries as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Muhammad Ali, Barbra Streisand, Boyz II Men, Neil Diamond, The Doors, Earth, Wind & Fire, Elton John, Three Dog Night, and Crosby, Stills, & Nash, among many others. Gary spent time in the film business where he produced the motion picture Car Wash (Universal Studios) and co-wrote and co-produced The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh (Lorimar/United Artists).

Gary PR company also represented many highly successful substance abuse and eating disorder treatment center.  His involvement in the entertainment industry allowed him exposure to all kinds of alcohol and drug abuse problems and recovery successes. Because of this exposure, he is also uniquely aware of how early intervention and education can have a huge impact on prevention.

Gary has co-written three books; The Harder They Fall (Hazelden Publishing - 2007) and Feeding the Fame (Hazelden – 2009) and a third book for McGraw-Hill Publishing, entitled Second Chances, which was published in October, 2012. He’s currently writing a fourth book about women in recovery, entitled She's Come Undone for HCI Publishing, which will come out in spring 2018.

​Gary has been sober for over 34 years and is active in his 12-step program. He spends time traveling the country speaking at recovery conventions and related organizations, sharing his experience, strength and hope.

Diana also realized that prevention was not a one time educational event, but on ongoing educational experience. She also wanted to create a program that was more holistic, and included the parents, educators and community at large. Therefore, she has expended her program to include to provide one on one coaching for the entire school community and well as post program educational opportunities with webinars, videos, books and other educational material

​​Diana grew up in the Hollywood Hills with loving family, played sports, attended private school and thought it was socially normal to smoke pot and drink on the weekends. Her drinking and drug use began during middle school and progressed into addiction in high school. She experienced the internal/external pressures, personal issues, and social situations all teens face with regard to alcohol and drug use. She knows first hand the destructive aspects of drug use, and how occasional use can lead to long-term addiction. Diana has achieved long- term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. With the help of friends, teachers, and family having the courage to say something and intervene. She is passionate about recovery and has dedicated her life helping others overcome addition and other negative limiting behaviors.